Who is Bror Saxberg?

Bror is the founder of LearningForge LLC. He has spent more than twenty years applying the sciences of learning, development, and motivation in practical contexts - a real-world “learning engineer” even before that job description existed. Before founding LearningForge, Bror headed up Learning Sciences within the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Education work, and worked with a variety of internal and external project teams to bring learning engineering in.

Before this, he was the Chief Learning Officer for Kaplan Inc, the worldwide learning organization - there, he helped the many different learning organizations learn about learning engineering, and frame a set of business problems as learning problems that learning engineering could help with.

Earlier, he helped found K12, Inc, a virtual education company, and grounded the original learning experience development on evidence about what worked best for student learning, and how technology could enable that to happen.

Very recently, he was the interim CEO for the Advanced Research Development Fund (AERDF), an organization focused on inclusive, evidence-grounded approaches to major challenges in education that could help students and teachers at scale in historically underinvested communities.

Feel free to reach out to Bror if you have questions about how learning engineering can help you succeed!

More details about Bror and his work can be found in his CV