Additional Intriguing Resources

Some additional interesting results - an ever-evolving list!

An astonishing regularity in student learning rate, by Ken Koedinger, Paulo Carvalho, Ran Liu, and Elizabeth McLaughlin, describes really remarkable findings by this team at CMU.  By looking at a wide array of well-designed courses with their data in DataShop at CMU, they appear to find that learners all improve at the same rate (with respect to number of learning opportunities), and only vary in where they start in their familiarity with a knowledge component.

A podcast with my friend Michael Palmer from 2023. This is a discussion of how learning sciences might influence parenting.  We do so little to prepare ourselves for that momentous journey - worth having a look at what is possible. 

Another podcast with Michael from early in 2024.  This time the subject is learning science and lifelong workforce success:  how should organizations and individuals think about their skills profiles over time, with all the technology-induced changes coming, and how should what we know about expertise, learning, and motivation influence how we think about preparing for current and future careers. 

A talk I gave at MIT, during their Festival of Learning in 2023. This covers a wide range of topics, including cognitive task analysis, and more.