More Depth

If you’d like to go deeper, here are a few resources of a more professional nature to draw on.

The ABCs of How We Learn, by Daniel Schwartz, Jessica Tsang, and Kristen Blair, is a terrific compendium of brief descriptions of learning science results that can help improve outcomes.

The Learning Engineering Toolkit, edited by Jim Goodell is a really nice, multi-disciplinary look at learning engineering, showing how many different components go in when you want to do it well.

E-Learning and the Science of Instruction by Ruth Clark and Richard Mayer is not just about learning with technology - it’s an excellent guide to evidence-based instructional design more generally, with plenty of links to research.  Richard Mayer is one of the world’s most cited learning scientists, and Ruth Clark is a very experienced evidence-based instructional designer - they’ve been updating this volume every 4-5 years since the first edition (now on its fourth edition).

Learning Analytics in Education, edited by David Niemi, Roy Pea, Bror Saxberg, Richard Clark, is a collection of expert chapters about how to bring evidence to bear for learning engineering.

Learning Engineering for Online Education, edited by Chris Dede, John Richards, and Bror Saxberg, is a collection of examples of learning engineering thinking applied to online learning.