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Welcome to LearningForge

This website includes information about LearningForge LLC, a learning engineering consultancy, but also about "learning engineering" more generally - the application of learning science to improve learning and training results in many contexts.  Welcome!

What is LearningForge

LearningForge is a consulting firm that helps organizations increase their odds of success in learning/training related projects by bringing in what we know from the science of learning, development, and motivation, and applying these in practical ways at scale - “learning engineering”.

This website includes information on how to think about learning engineering, how to get started, and will house a blog on current learning issues seen through a learning engineering lens. LearningForge and its founder, Bror Saxberg, have worked with philanthropies, venture capitalists, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, as well as with policy initiatives. 

What We Can Do for You

LearningForge works to understand your learning and training goals and outcomes for the projects and investments you are making, seeks to understand the constraints and issues in the way of your success, and then works to find learning-science-powered solutions that your teams can implement within the constraints you have.

Many teams and leaders are not aware of how much learning, motivation, and development science is available to help improve learning outcomes in different contexts - and how to iterate, grounded in evidence, to keep improving outcomes for different kinds of learners. 

How to Get Started

As Alice learned in Wonderland, “Begin at the beginning…”

You can explore the information on this website about starting with learning engineering, including access to readings to learn more for your specific questions and circumstances.

You can always reach out to with more specific questions about how learning engineering - and LearningForge - can help you achieve your goals. 

About Learning Engineering

“Learning engineering” is the application of what we know from learning, development, and motivation sciences to help increase the odds of success of training and learning projects, and to create evidence-grounded iterative processes to keep improving these over time.